What is Creative Scripts?

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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the combination of hundreds of years of pharmaceutical science with state of the art chemicals, equipment, training, and knowledge to make a medication that fits the patient.  In conjunction with the prescriber and patient, the compounding pharmacist provides a one of a kind medication in the exact dose and form that works best.

What is Human Compounding?

From women to men, babies to the elderly, Creative Scripts compounds high quality medications to the unique needs of each patient. One example of how we do this is by compounding customized doses of medication, such as bio-identical hormone restoration therapy (BHRT) for both men and women.  A few strengths of commercially available drugs do not necessarily fit ALL patients.  Children often need specific doses not available at a regular pharmacy.  We can compound their unique dose in a liquid that is flavored and will taste good to them.

Human Compounding Areas (Not all-inclusive)

Male and female BHRT (bio-identical hormone restoration therapy), Infertility, Dermatology, ENT, Men’s Health / ED, Women’s health / OB/GYN, Sexual dysfunction, Thyroid dysfunction, sports medicine, Autism (dye/color-, sugar-, gluten-, soy-free), pediatrics, pain management / arthritis, wound care, podiatry, GI, podiatry, dental.

Commercially Unavailable Medications

From time to time, drug manufacturers discontinue production, or have availability issues or shortages that prevent you from getting your or your pet’s medication.  WE CAN HELP!!  Sometimes we have access to the active ingredients and can compound a medication for you.  Ask your prescriber, veterinarian, or compounding pharmacist about it.

What is Veterinary Compounding?

Ask your veterinarian or one of our VETERINARY CERTIFIED compounding pharmacists about it today!!

At Creative Scripts Compounding Pharmacy we are capable of helping animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even animals in zoos and sanctuaries.

More and more, pets are not just the family dog or cat, they are a “furson”!!  Our pets are dependent on us for love, care, and companionship.  You want them to have treatment on par with your own.

Why should compounding be a solution for your pet’s medication issues?  You can answer that with another question: Have you ever tried to get your cat to take a pill?  Cats are masters of pill rejection, usually eating everything in the bowl BUT the pill. Did you know…that with some medications we can compound a topically applied cream to be rubbed on the inside of your cat’s ear?  Medicating pets can present unique problems that are sometimes best handled with compounding.

Dosages can be challenging as well…a 100 pound Rottweiler needs far more medication than a 5 pound Chihuahua.  Pets are also built differently than humans…they are horizontal, we are vertical, their body temperature is different, and their digestive system can be different as well.  This presents challenges when giving human medications from a regular pharmacy to a pet.  Large and exotic pets present unique dosing and administration challenges too.  At Creative Scripts, we specialize in making a medication that will work best for your pet.

Veterinary Compounding Areas (not all-inclusive)

Thyroid dysfunction, arthritis / pain, cancer, ear infections, skin problems, liver / gall bladder dysfunction, allergies, heart conditions, incontinence, behavioral issues, lung / pulmonary dysfunction, systemic infections, Cushing’s Disease, seizures, diabetes.